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EVENTBRITE former CTO and CO-FOUNDER, Renaud Visage

Interview with Renaud Visage Co-Founder and former CTO at Eventbrite on tips for Junior engineers, his experience building Eventbrite and more

Last week we published the interview with Paco Estévez, Senior Software Engineer at Facebook, and this week we are launching a new interview, exciting!

Today, we have just published in Developers In Depth a new Interview with Renaud Visage, Co-Founder and former CTO at Eventbrite.

Renaud Visage (@renaudvisage) cofounded 14 years Eventbrite along with Julia Hartz and Kevin Hartz. Renaud scaled the company from bunch of engineers to a whole tech company with teams across many GEOs, which was a huge mileston on Renaud's background as technical leader and Chief Technology Officer.

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That's all! See you all in the website of Developers In Depth

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